1. Connect to wifi
  2. Open internet browser on your phone (Native Samsung or Chrome) and type in address: https://enroll.samsungknox.com
  3. You will be directed to a page with one button “Next”, tap on the button
    Knox client will most probably tell you that there is a new app update available, tap Ok and download the new version
  4. After the download is complete you will be taken back to the page which says “Next”, but the button will be grey, wait couple of seconds and Knox client will open
  5. Once the Knox app opens automatically (In case it does not you will see IAM/EMM app in your apps) you will be prompted to enter your email address and password that you previously created in the Manager
  6. Once the app is done verifying your credentials it will start downloading your custom apps and policies
  7. You will see at some point that all apps are gone and only the ones pushed by us remain
  8. You will also see on the drop down (notifications) menu on top of the screen that additional set up is required, keep tapping on everything that you see an exclamation mark on (different devices may require a bit different set ups, mainly you will be asked to choose between policies or you will be asked to enable certain things that can’t be pushed without your permission, some phones only will ask you about internal encryption) follow whatever steps come up and in the end you will be asked to encrypt the device
  9. Bear in mind that the device memory encryption password and lock screen password will be the same one (there is no option to separate them for Samsung)
  10. Once you tap on encrypt you will have to agree to terms and conditions, your phone will have to have minimum 80% charged battery and will need to be plugged into a charger.
  11. Once encryption is done (takes different time depending on device, but usually no more than 10 minutes) the phone will reboot, might have one more notification to tap through, but is read to be used.
  12. Open the Crypto Mail app and follow the welcome instructions to create your PGP keys
  13. Open the Crypto Chat app and follow the welcome instructions to setup the app password